XYZ/s extended

UK Young Artists National Festival, Déda, Derby, 2016
Watermans Arts Centre, London, 2016

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XYZ: the rigid grid we chose to construct our realities.

s: a measure of the time it takes for everything to transform

"we were lost in this incredible work by Gesamtatelier as part of the UK Young Artists weekend"

Déda, Derby - Venue


"XYZ/s extended" is a multimedia, interactive performance which challenges the relationships among performers, visitors, objects, space and our senses. It draws inspiration from some of the most prominent theories of physics and philosophy, creating an interplay of the four dimensions (point, line, plane and time). The visitors explore three different spaces and find themselves in various roles and situations. Each space has its own immersive environment for people to experience and interact with. 

"it was an honor to host such a spectacular work by Gesamtatelier as part of UK Young Artists"
Déda, Derby - Venue


roaming Audiences


"And so ends another incredible day!"

Rob Brannen, Head of School of the Arts, De Montfort University Leicester

UK Young Artists Festival, Déda, 2016

Produced by

Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio, Gesamtatelier

Creative Direction

Argyris Angeli | Kyriaki Nasioula


Reworked Choreography : Amy Harris | Kyriaki Nasioula | Georgia Tegou
Performance Art : Eliza Soroga
Sets & Props design : Argyris Angeli | Justyna Choli | Kyriaki Nasioula | Suh-in Park | Menglan Wu
Sound Composition & Performance : Mark Richards, Sepehr Malek, Joel Newman
Visualisations : Argyris Angeli | Suh-in Park | Menglan Wu
Light Design : Argyris Angeli | Sepehr Malek | Kyriaki Nasioula
Performers : Amy Harris | Kyriaki Nasioula | Georgia Tegou
Junior Performers : Steph Tooby | Olivia Winterbottom | Annie Walker, BA (Hons) Dance - University of Derby
Technical Support: Mark Richards | Sepehr Malek | Joel Newman

Thanks to: AAIS: Thourayya Kreidieh, Tuo Lin, Miranda Orozco, Jee Hyeon Rosa Wang, Xiu Xiu Chen.

Watermans Arts Centre, 2016

Produced by

Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio


Argyris Angeli I Kyriaki Nasioula | Shu-in Park | Menglan Wu | Justyna Choli


AAIS Director : Theo Lorenz
AAIS Master : Tanja Siems
Choreography, Performance with : New Movement Collective
Performance Art : Eliza Soroga
Head of New Media Arts Dep. Watermans, V&A Digital Programmes Manager : Irini Papadimitriou


Andy Dean | Heiko Kalmbach | Sepehr Malek | David McAlmont | Joel Newman | Mauricio Pauly | Steve Webb