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A sequence of duets explore different relationships between bodies and spatial geometries.


Through projections the installation forms a plain field of axes defining the performative space. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the composition of the space. They assist in taping a net on the floor which traces movement into space, marks the visitors’ standing point and weaves a 2D web that interconnects them. The same action is transferred onto the human skin which is projected in multiple scales.

The first duet of performers align their body limps with the light beams measuring space and exploring their joints. In the middle of the room lies a hexaedron, one of the platonic solids, a mathematized, inanimate static form. Suddenly it transforms into a living being, it’s breathing through the speakers. Performer and object interact with elastic movements and find points of contact which turn into a balance act. For the last duet the performers start out as two amorphous translucent membranes and evolve through a choreographed wrestle inspired by animals battling. As they collapse, the dramaturgy and several mediums gradually fade out. The performative space falls into darkness and the net is unweaved. The sounds of untapping are amplified and eventually dissolve into white noise.



Argyris Angeli | Justyna Choli | Kyriaki Nasioula | Menglan Wu | Suh-in Park


AAIS Director : Theo Lorenz
AAIS Master : Tanja Siems
Choreography, Performance with : Joe Walkling & Renaud Wiser (New Movement Collective) 


Andy Dean | Heiko Kalmbach | Sepehr Malek | David McAlmont | Joel Newman

Duration : 35 min
Dimensions : variable

The project was developed as part of the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio MA/MFA in Spatial Performance and Design