Res Extensa

4th International Biennial of Interior Design, Krakow, 2016


substance which extends in space


Yi-jong Gong-gan is a Korean term which refers to a mediating space rather than a specific place. It cannot be tangibly defined but can be cognized. It is constructed before, during or after a state of being; a space in between. The entrance hall/atrium of the Malopolska Garden of Arts is a transitional space, channeling and filtering the outside and the inside worlds; literally a threshold. The site specific performance/installation responds to the character and physical attributes of the space, its res cogitans and res extensa. Traces on the floor document its horizontal dimensions and proportions, while during the performance the space is activated and animated along its vertical direction through a pulsating structure and performers. In abstract form and choreography, they make physical the space’s invisible circulating energies: people’s flows, the slight breeze and the movement of the sun. Morphing into an ever-evolving organism, the installation remains on-site inviting visitors to perform within it.



Argyris Angeli I Kyriaki Nasioula | Shu-in Park | Menglan Wu | Justyna Choli


AAIS Director : Theo Lorenz
AAIS Master : Tanja Siems
Choreography, Performance with : New Movement Collective


Andy Dean | Heiko Kalmbach | Sepehr Malek | David McAlmont | Joel Newman | Mauricio Pauly | Steve Webb

Duration : 30 min