Spatial Performance Festival

Romantso, Athens 2019


19 artists

3 spaces
6 pieces
2 days

“Processing”, Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio London

“Processing”, Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio London

“Ithaca: upon every arrival”, GesamtAtelier

“Ithaca: upon every arrival”, GesamtAtelier


In this event we wish to demonstrate the power of Spatial Performance drawn from diverse merge of traditional disciplines: architecture, choreography, sound design, sculpture, video art, theatre. We invite the Athenian audience to wonder in the open fields of art, offsetting the formal conventions of the sphere. New tools of expression are introduced and explored, ones that offer creatives from all around the globe to define their frame of work, whether it has one or multiple identities. We aspire to underline the great contribution of Spatial Performance as a solid yet versatile stage for The Other, where we can let go of prejudges acclamations and anticipating an unknown residue.

Roaming audiences are invited to discover performances and installations at different levels of Romantso.

“Processing”, Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio London

“Processing”, Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio London


video mapping

graphic design by Argyris Angeli

graphic design by Argyris Angeli

Curation & Production

Kyriaki Nasioula, Argyris Angeli | GesamtAtelier in collaboration with the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio London

Invited Artists & Works

“Ithaca: upon every arrival”, GesamtAtelier:
(interdisciplinary performance/installation)

Creators: Argyris Angeli & Kyriaki Nasioula
Performers: Mina Ananiadou, Agisilaos Mikelatos, Argyris Pantazaras, Anastasia Valsamaki
Choreography: Kyriaki Nasioula
Live analog visuals: Argyris Angeli
Sound design & performance: Jeph Vanger

“Processing” & “RESI[DUE]”, Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio: (interdisciplinary performance/installation)

AAIS ‘18-’19: Aimee Rebecca Lam Tunon, Justine Mary De Penning, Aijin Ying, Denghui Lian, Lier Chen, Nasha Bahasoean, Yuan Gu
Studio director: Theo Lorenz
Studio Master: Tanja Siems

“Verge” , Mina Ananiadou, Anastasia Valsamaki

co-creation & performance: Mina Ananiadou, Anastasia Valsamaki
self-made analogue electronics: Dimitra Kousteridou
lighting design: Aggelos Kaltsis
projection: Alekos Bourelias

Katie Burks: “Thread” (choreography)
Performer, Choreographer: Katie Burks
Music: Li’er Chen
Costume: Nasha Bahasoean, Aijin Ying, Yuan Gu

Jeph Vanger: Live electronics set

Event documentation: Alekos Bourelias & Christos Bourelias
Event communication: Lia Garbola & Romantso
Poster design & visual identity: Argyris Angeli
Leaflet design: Michelangelo Bevilacqua

with support from: Isadora & Raymond Duncan dance research center