Bein’ quasi

Larnaca Bienalle 2019, Larnaca, 2018
Whitechapel Gallery Window Space, London, 2017


How does it feel being used as an object intended to raise institutionalization to its pedestal, only to be consumed by

prêt-à-porter art?


The project turns the spotlight to discarded objects found in storage rooms of art and/or performance venues: spolia which contain the stories of being the supporting roles for pieces of art. Our team transforms a windowfront into a laboratory: a process which transplants parts of the different objects onto the human body, which then performs them. Two laboratory operators/facilitators build up an installation, a library of objects, and create plaster gauze moulds off their shapes. The geometry and character of objects are encapsulated into the moulds, the negatives of their tangible and intangible contents. During the next phase of the metamorphosis performers are brought in the lab to become the specimens/hosts of the sculptural fragments. The object gradually transforms into quasi-object through the dynamics and attributes of the human body. The still nature of the object fades out, acquiring a performative one. The subject (the human), on the other hand, becomes the vessel of the object offering its body’s properties. The objects become the protagonists and their stories become the art piece.



Argyris Angeli | Symeon Banos | Kyriaki Nasioula


Choreography-Dance : Georgia Tegou
Sound Composition : Jeph Vanger
Production Management-Communications : Lia Garbola

Duration : 5 days
Dimensions : variable